Young Learners, levels 3 & 4. I had a bad day … guess why.

7th April 2023

We have heard the story, Morning Glory:

Written about a bad student who becomes a rich businessperson:

Now it’s time to write about ourselves

I shall tell you about last Sunday – it was terrible and here’s why … but can you guess just by the pictures ?

(Grab is a taxi service accessed by phone app, similar to Uber)

(In Vietnam, wedding parties often have singers and then an open karaoke system)

Allow me to give you the plan of my day:

6.50 leave for work. Book Grab on my iPhone

7.40 – 9.40 Young Learners class, level 1 (21 students) 

10.10 arrive home 

10.11 – 14.30 wedding party across the street 

10.30 – 12.00 prepare work online 

17.00 – 21.30 another wedding party but much louder, more karaoke singers 

18.00 go for coffee

BUT 23.30 Manchester United win 1- 0 so ‘All’s well that ends well.’

Now … your turn. Tell me about a terrible day. Remember to use amazing adjectives to explain how you felt and what was so awful.

To help you, maybe:

Good luck with your bad day !

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