Young Learners, Level 4: to be, Verb 1, Verb 2 and infinity

22nd May 2023

Friends, students, colleagues, lend me your ears.

Before younglings graduate from the Superkids Level, they have to, absolutely have to, master the most basic verb in English, the verb ‘to be’ – so, let’s go to work !

Let’s go to work

BAAM ! Easy !

Now … let’s practise

Make it a game, put the class in teams

I shall read a short sentence. I want the correct Verb 1, Verb 2 & the infinite.

EXAMPLE: I say, “I is happy.”

Team 1 writes I am happy,

Team 2 I was happy

Team 3 using the helping verb ‘want’ will write I want to be happy.

OK, I dig, Man, let’s go to work !

You is sad // He am angry // She are intelligent // It is cold // Ms Huong am cute // We am hungry // They is furious.

Change the helping verb to like or need

I is better // You is taller // Ms Huong over the moon // He am a tough guy // She weres colourful // It iss rich // We to be free // They on holiday.

Bring it on !

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