Young Learners, Levels 3 & 4: putting words into practice.

7th February 2023

We learnt some new adjectives before Tet Holiday; now let’s use them. First, what are the words ?










Let’s have some new words, too.

furious // intelligent // genius // calm // peaceful //


traditional // lucky // fun // funny

delicious // beautiful // colourful

loud // terrible //

Now, time to use the words

At Tet, Daddy sings karaoke. The music is very l____ and t______ and Mummy was f_______ .

At Tet, I visit my grandparents. They gave me l_____ money, and we all had f___ .

Mummy makes a lot of tr________, d________ food.

Many families walk at Tet holiday. The women wear the tr_______ dress called an a__ d____ . The dress is very c_______ and they look b________ .

My uncle comes to visit. He is a doctor, so he is very i___________ . However, he tells jokes and is f______ .

Our class captain is called Lily. She is very i______ so she is a Top Cat. She tells the boys to be quiet when they are l_____ . Lily shouts at t_____ students.

Now … let’s test your grammar.

Change these sentences from present tense (verb 1) to the past tense (verb 2).

EXAMPLE: I (go) to visit my best friend.

I went to visit my best friend.

My family (visit) my grandparents and we (eat) a lot of d_______ food.

My Mummy and my aunts (wear) the tr_______ ao dai. They all (look) so b________ .

Daddy (have) his friends to our house. They (sing) songs for many hours. I (think) it (is) t________ .

Wit my l___ money, I (buy) some c_______ and b_____ flowers for my Mummy. She was so happy, she (cry).

My brother is very in_____________ , he (read) books every day. My sister (play) video games. They had a lot of f___ at Tet.

Last night I (see) a very f____ film, I (laugh) so much. This morning I (go) to school but I (forget) my books. My teacher (is) fu______ .

Top Cats … time for creative writing

Write a short story about your Tet Holiday. Use new adjectives and the past tense (Verb 2).

At Tet I …

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