Young Learners, levels 3 & 4. Imagination AND grammar !

17th April 2023

We have talked and written about perfect cities, and used our imagination. Now let’s talk about cities of the future.

(I use Present Simple, Verb 1, not future tense due to the class ability and level)

What do they look like ?

How are they different ?

Look at this picture and then read my description.

In the future the city has many tall buildings called skyscrapers. People live high in the sky. They can see all the city from their apartment.

The city has a lot of shops. The shops are open all day and all night. They sell food, toys and new phones.

My city is very colourful with many beautiful lights at night. Nobody is allowed to smoke and all cars are electric so there is less pollution.

The buildings have shops, hospitals, cinemas, schools and sports centers. People do not need to go outside if it is raining.

Some buildings are old fashioned but most are very modern.

Now … your turn

Write about a future city. Remember to use adjectives:

clean / expensive / futuristic / high / interesting / modern / old fashioned

Check your grammar – I want it to be perfect !

From Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ 1927

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