Young Learners, Levels 3 & 4. What is your perfect city ?

11th April 2023

Singapore, Seattle or Shanghai ?

Today, you will write about your perfect city.

What would you like in your city ?

What don’t you like ?

First, the positives (the good things). Guess what these buildings are:

parks / shops / museums / sports centres / schools / hospitals / interesting buildings / transportation /

However, not everything in a city is fantastic:

What are the problems … and what are the solutions (the answers) ? For example, in Singapore, if someone litters (throws rubbish on the street), they have to pay a fine, pay money to the police.

Now … your turn:

Write about what you want in YOUR city and why. Use amazing adjectives, and tell me why you would like these things.

Also, tell me what you DO NOT want, and why. How would you punish people who broke rules ?

You may also draw, but do the writing first.

Good luck and have fun !

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