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4th December 2020

Seahorse Productions: my films, theatre and writing

Ao Tuong (dreams) 2020 // short film // Seahorse Productions 30th April 2020

Bad Faith 2005 // short film // Seahorse Productions 6th May 2020

Inferno 2007 // short film // Seahorse Productions 25th May 2020

Shadow Sonata 2014 // short film // Seahorse Productions 8th June 2020

Steppenwolf (2008) 2014 // short film // Seahorse Productions 15th May 2020

Waiting Fo(u)r Godard // one-actor play / Royalty-free // Seahorse Productions 5th September 2020:


Close up // Iran 1990 (Abbas Kiarostami // Cinema // 25th February 2021:

The Cranes Are Flying // USSR, 1957 (Dir: Kalatozov) // Cinema // 13th June 2020

Distracted // UK, 2018 (Dir James Devereaux) // 9th August 2020

Harold Lloyd // Hooray for Harold Lloyd // 28th June 2020

Noirish Project // UK, 2018 (Dir James Devereaux) // 11th July 2020


Peter Green tribute // 18th February 2021:


Fernando Pessoa ‘Book of Disquiet’ // Cinema // 25th February 2021:

Poetry for pronunciation // 16th April 2021:

Love and chaos

Love and Chaos: A novel set in post-Wende Berlin of a pre-internet world. Set between the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith.

Title page, photo by Ana Svarz // 11th November 2020

Contents // 11th November 2020

Part One

Richard – 1

Chris – 1

Melanie – 1

Marina – 1

Richard – 2

Chris – 2

Claudia – 1

Chris – 3

Richard – 3

The Divine Poet From Florence

Chris – 4

Shoulder – 1

Steffi – 1

Part Two

Richard – 1

Chris – 1

The knock on the door

Will – 1

Firefly (prologue):



Chris – 2

Richard – 2

Part Three

Richard – 1

Chris – 1

Kurt C – 1

Richard – 2

Hitch – 1

Chris – 2

Part Four

Richard – 1

Lorelei – 1

Chris – 1

The Concert of Grotesques:

Gabi – 1

Chris – 2

Monika – 1

Richard – 2

Arizona Al – 1

Part Five

How a coffee break started a new scientific theory

Chris – 1

Richard – 1

Burkhard – 1

Chris – 2

Tommy – 1

Art & Literature

Three poems and some Shakespeare // Auden, Betjeman, Larkin 19th July 2020:

Portrait, Landscape, Still Life (Wyndham Lewis, John Constable, Paul Cezanne) // Adult Class, Level 1 // 19th December 2018:

Art: giving opinion // Adult Speaking Class, level 3: Art // 13th April 2020:

Art: DaDa & Surrealism // Adult Speaking Class, level 3: Dali, Dada & Surrealism // 23rd April 2020:

Art: types of art // Young Learners, level 4 (Dali, Alice in Wonderland) // 16th May 2019:

Art: Unusual art // Adult Speaking Class ALH 8.2 // 3rd Match 2021:

Love and Chaos Part 1(J) The Divine Poet From Florence

17th November 2020

Dante Alighieri – Wikipedia tiếng Việt
Dante Alighieri

Part One

The Divine Poet From Florence

When Dante in years was but shy of nine,
to his father’s friend he went, celebrating May Day.
There seeing a girl he would wish, “be mine.”

But our young poet had no words to say,
though strange, new emotions filled the nascent artist’s head.
To fall in love, first sight, happened that way.

This delicate, pure angel, clothed in shades of red,
of love and pain both, would cause him tears,
“Now is my bliss made manifest”, he later said.

Entering into an unknown world, tender feelings, trembling fears
Though never a thought of the sacred marriage bed,
To her he ventured no word, for nine years.

In Florence, matters of the heart were left, unsaid
Our eloquent poet, inexperienced youth, smitten and struck dumb,
would later write sweetest words, that any lover read.

‘Behold, a god stronger than I that is come
to bear rule over me.” Words he later wrote.
Of all Christian virtues, this seraph is the sum.

Upon this paragon of innocence, young Dante would dote
But courtly love dictated she proffer not a glance,
yet celestial choirs, he did hear, sounding love’s note.

Beatrice was our young angel, Dante made no advance
but circled Florence, praying, of Beatrice, just a sight
following her sweet footsteps, hoping for just a chance.

He raised the worthy child up to heavenly heights.
Her beauty showed her virtue, pale skin, fair hair.
Her presence guided both working days and dreaming nights.

Feeling beatific knowing that his love had been there
He felt he should bow and kiss the ground,
When angels called and myriad flowers filled the air.

Yet he was to hear, a far, sweeter sound
When after nine years, he spied his cherished Muse
who, upon seeing Dante, did stop and turn around.

White dressed, but Dante saw flowers of all hues
she spoke with grace, with ineffable courtesy and charm.
Dante saw this providence as something he mustn’t lose.

He wrote all night till fatigue paralysed his arm,
then descended into dreams he knew so well.
A nebulous figure holding Beatrice, but meaning no harm.

She held a burning object, he would later tell
‘Behold thy heart.” The Vision said, making Beatrice eat
Before Paradise is Purgatory, before Purgatory, Infernal Hell.

After this they were destined rarely to ever meet.
Dante’s love was pure, and would forever remain chaste.
But fond memories of that salutation, on Florentine street.

Marriages were political, not to be made in haste,
they married different people and went their separate way
But Dante wouldn’t let this inspiration go to waste.

His marriage sailed stormy waters, the ship sailed away
to be trapped among the ice. Then Beatrice died.
To honour her, sought he, greater words to say.

His Beatrice gone, Dante wouldn’t drift with the tide,
but studied and wrote, to proclaim her name, far.
His new life where his love need not hide.

So when looking at the firmament, black as tar
search for two lights, whose flame shall shine eternal
as Dante placed his Beatrice, a wondrous, glowing star.